Stephanie Katona


Optimal health is more than just looking good. I want to empower, motivate and inspire you to become stronger, more confident and self-sufficient in body, mind and spirit.

  • I am a personal trainer and the founder of SKLPT Your Body. I have a B.A. in Kinesiology as well as over five years in the fitness industry, including triathlon and marathon competition
  • My goal as a trainer is to use fitness as a tool to empower my clients and help them build self-confidence.
  • I am passionate about educating people on how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I believe that building a strong body is essential in helping transform one’s mental, physical and emotional well being.
  • I help my clients discover the underlying psychological and emotional barriers they have when it comes to their fitness and health goals, and we work together to overcome them.

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Don G.

“I met Stephanie in a half marathon clinic.  I learned that she was also a personal trainer.  As I was looking for a personal trainer to help me build a stronger body to improve my running times and helps prevent injury, who better to train me then a personal trainer who understands a runner’s needs. …”

Kate F.

“After training with Steph for only a couple of months, I’ve already noticed big results both physically and mentally. I was previously accustomed to extreme dieting, obsessing over my weight and regularly overworking my body without the proper nutrition. In the beginning I found myself resisting Steph’s knowledge and desire to help me succeed my… “

Jerry S.

“As a client with neck and back issues, Stephanie was able to design a program that helped strengthen my problem areas. After 6 months of training, I felt my neck and back got much stronger and the pain decreased significantly. I successfully lost 5lbs of weight while losing almost 5% of body fat. Stephanie understood…”

Cristina D.

“I achieved tremendous results training with Stephanie and I enjoyed every second of it! She is very knowledgeable and is able to design a workout program customized to the needs of the client. She always supplements her training with nutrition advice, which I found very useful. She has a pleasant and fun personality and took…”

Christopher H.

“I started with Stephanie in May 2013 and am still seeing her now! It will be seven months. I was really excited to win a prize from the now defunct Fab Magazine, which allowed me to meet Stephanie. I’m in my late 20s, starting my career, and looking for ways to optimize my health and…”

Alexandra M.

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for about a year, with the goal of adding more muscle. She impressed me with her knowledge on fitness and nutrition. Over the course of a year, I significantly increased my muscle mass, lost 5% body fat, tripled my strength, lost about 2 dress sizes, and learned…”

Rejeanne P.

“Stephanie was an amazing trainer, I trained with her for one year. She was able to execute the fitness plan and meal plan efficiently and effectively. She is an excellent motivater– she pushed, encouraged and helped me stick to my workout plans and meal plans over the course of my training with her. Due to…”

Sarah C.

“Stephanie is an out-going and motivating trainer. She was able to help me achieve my goals on fitness and shed some pounds/body fat while always promoting a healthy, well rounded nutrition plan. I managed to drop 10 pounds and 5% body fat. That is, she always advised me to eat a balanced protein/carb/fat ratio meal… “


Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s just a sample of what some of my clients are saying about their experience with my programs.

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