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Tania Amodio


I started my wellness journey at the age of 45. I had just ended a serious and difficult relationship, was living in the basement apartment of my parents’ place, AND, had NO job. I felt depressed and lonely and ultimately, felt like a complete failure at life, especially at my age. I needed to find a way out.  I joined a boxing class at my local gym and it was the only thing that kept me grounded and gave me a sense of purpose.

I was looking for a change. I had previously worked in Psychiatry and independently, as an artist, but felt dissatisfied with my purpose. So, I decided it was time to manifest what I had worked so hard on the inside, outward. I trained for my first Bikini Fitness competition. And, much to my surprise, I placed 3rd and 5th, in the Ontario Physique Association, Regional Amateur Bikini Fitness Competition. The hard work paid off and I never looked back.

  • Canadian Fitness Professionals – Personal Training Specialist
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals – Pre | Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • National Canadian Coaching Association – Women’s Boxing Coach, Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Coach – Level 1

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“Tania takes my specific goals, needs and challenges into consideration, in all aspects of training. I feel like she values me as a person, instead of just seeing me as a client. I feel she is genuinely as invested her clients as they are in her. Since working with Tania I’ve lost 31lbs and gained a whole lot of muscle!”

-Charlotte Wolfe

“I had recently given birth and wasn’t finding the motivation I needed to workout and meet my goals. I had worked with other fitness coaches before but I chose to work with Tania because I loved her energy and she was able to provide me with the guidance and motivation I was looking for. Since working with Tania, I have lost over 15 lb. I feel great and she has inspired me to meet my goals. I have also learned a lot about technique from Tania and appreciated the fact that she is a stickler with form!”

-D. Rites

“I choose to work with Tania as a personal trainer because of her health and fitness knowledge, and I knew that I would benefit from it. I’ve been working with her over the past 4 months. Even though we train online, she consistently keeps me motivated and I feel like she genuinely cares about my well-being and wants to help me achieve my goals. Not only does she help me get into great shape, but she helps me take care of my gut health and teaches me how I should be eating. That’s an experience I’ve never had with any other trainer. Thanks to her I look and feel great.”

– Marina Chan

“Tania and the BMI fitness team have been absolutely amazing. I have struggled for many years with understanding macros, understanding what it takes specifically for my body type, what to do or not do. Tania did a fantastic job educating me first, holding me accountable and connecting to me, spiritually. As a coach, she is detailed, supportive and provides such a positive environment. I am just in love with what she has created and highly recommend her. OH, and I live in Arizona and I so appreciate her meeting with me online.”

– Latoya Beverly

“Tania is such a motivating and positive trainer. She has such a warm and bright energy that made me excited to train with her each time (and I am not a big fan of working out.) She changed that attitude for me and I looked forward to working out with her every time. She not only is an amazingly talented trainer, she provided incredible life advice, support and encouragement. My confidence, both with working out and with myself, increased and I owe it to Tania!”

– Joanna Lean

“Tania understood my needs and what I was looking for. She is not like other trainers that just come and do their work then leave. She is passionate, humble, attitude-free, and aware of my objectives and of my body. Tania walked me step by step through my training, over the past year. She was present at each time I felt down and helpless. For all those reasons, I chose, and will always chose, Tania as my trainer.”

– Ricardo Jreij

“I really needed an extra push in my workouts, to keep me consistent. Tania provides more than just workouts. She gave me the support I needed beyond the boundaries of the gym, to make my health a priority as well as a lifestyle. She is like the big sister you can’t live without.”

– Roxane Bejjany


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